About Government’s Recruitment Agency


The recruitment process of the Federal Government starts with the President sending out a Request for Quotation to all federal agencies and departments. Each department sends its own estimate of how much they need for their annual operating costs. Once the President receives the estimates, he submits them to the Selective Service for publishing them in the Federal Procurement Request Book (FSRP). A copy is then sent to all United States citizens who have applied for Federal employment. If a position is available that a candidate is qualified for, he or she will be notified via mail.

In order to understand how about the government’s recruitment process works, it is helpful to have a better understanding of what is required of an individual than just a desire to work in the Federal Government. All prospective employees are required to pass a background and criminal history check, and fill out a Free Application for Federal Employment (FA FE) which assesses the applicant’s suitability for Federal employment. Many individuals who try and get a job within the Federal Government do not pass this initial step. Then they proceed to the second phase of the recruitment process; interviewing.

Interviewing is the first phase of hiring that all applicants must pass. An interview is usually conducted over the phone. Applicants are typically asked questions about their work history, education, awards and certifications. After answering the questions, applicants must provide a completed FAFSA. An employee is not considered eligible for employment until he or she submit the FAFSA application.

The next phase of the recruitment process is to look at the applications that have been received and thoroughly reviewed by hiring agencies. Candidates who receive an interview but do not receive an offer are offered an interview for next steps. Applicants can decline an interview if they believe that they were not selected for a position. Alternatively, they may request an explanation for their status. However, this is not usually done as there is no guarantee as to why a position was not offered. Visit Nasims Portal login for more information.

Once all interviews have been conducted, the agency will determine which jobs are available. The agency then submits a list of those jobs to various Government employers. It is common for the agency to contact the potential employees and inform them of the position they are interviewing for. Applicants are required to attend an interview in person before a final offer is given. When an offer is given, it is normally conditional.

Applying to work for the federal government is an exciting and often difficult process. With many programs and agencies are competing for limited resources, great attention to detail and patience are required. Those who successfully enter the federal workforce will find a wide range of career opportunities. Jobs in the health care field, public safety, education, defense, aerospace, information technology, law enforcement, and private security are all readily available. Those interested in federal personnel management jobs should apply for employment immediately.

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