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There are never-ending wagers involved with online soccer sports. Sometimes, somewhere in the globe, the most beautiful sport known to man is being played right in front of fervent, die-hard supporters who believe that their club will win. Online soccer sports situs judi bola deposit pulsa tanpa potongan betting hasn’t been in the spotlight quite as much as at this point in the English Premier League, which concluded last season. However, the EPL continues to attract new teams and fanatics from around the world. As the league enters its second season in four years, here are some of the teams to look out for and consider for your online football wager:

This is a perennial powerhouse team in the EPL, and despite missing three seasons in a row, the Manchester United Football Club still poses a formidable foe on the field for all MLS teams. The Red Devils have one of the most experienced and talented attacking units in all of soccer, and they’ve certainly been building upon that success over the past few seasons. This season, they’ll also be looking to add to it after they managed to sign star defenderpieces like Ashley Cole and ace goalkeeper David James from AC Milan. While Manchester United may not be the dominant team in their league that they were in the previous seasons, this English side remains a top bet choice for online soccer sports betting sites.

This perennial title contender comes in as the Supporters’ Shield holders, and they’ve built a reputation as one of the most passionate and hardest working teams in all of soccer. Despite missing a few key players during their peak seasons, this team always seems to find a way to go into the playoffs, no matter what position they’re in. The Red Devils have yet to taste defeat in their five year run, and have yet to lose more than one game in a season throughout the entire campaign. They’ll continue to ride high atop the English soccer rankings, and they may even challenge the Chelsea team for the Premier League title at some point this season.

Chelsea: Like many other English sides, Chelsea too has its share of quality players and a deep, rich history that goes back decades. However, things have turned around quite a bit in recent years for the Blues, who have added several world-class stars to their roster in recent years and made some serious acquisitions abroad in order to improve their overall image. Led by one of the best managers in the sport today, Jose Pescovia, Chelsea can be counted on to compete at a high level year in and year out. In addition to that, they feature one of the most exciting coaching staffs in all of soccer, which bodes well for fans of both the club and the players.

Liverpool: Much has been written about how Liverpool has transformed since their last MLS campaign. Many experts feel the team is now stronger than ever before, and they look set to cruise through the Champions League and the FA Cup this season. They also boast one of the most impressive, experienced defensive units in all of soccer, which bodes well for a team that is not going to give up too much time and energy in the attacking zone. Another positive factor is that Liverpool’s attack is top-notch, as star strikers Mario Balotelli and Fabio Borini are combining for an attacking revolution in the league. Expect Liverpool to challenge for the Premier League title in a tight race with fellow English clubs this season.

Manchester United: The Red Devils have long been considered one of the favorites to win the Premier League title, even though they have lost several times in the major leagues in recent years. With the addition of stars like Wayne Rooney and new signings Zlatan Belamar, United certainly looks as though it will once again challenge for the premier title in English football. This year, however, there are a number of different threats to the dominance of David Beckham and his Los Angeles Galaxy teammates. One of those teams is expected to challenge heavily for the English championship this season. That team, Manchester United, has everything it takes to make this year’s competition interesting, and it appears as if it will have enough talent to end the dominance of Chelsea and Manchester City at the top of the EPL.

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