Mosquito Control – Not Just For Pests


Mosquito Control seeks to manage the insect population of pesky mosquitoes to decrease their destructive impact on health, economies, and entertainment. Mosquito management is an essential public-health practice all over the world and particularly in the tropics since mosquitoes transmit many highly contagious diseases, including the dengue virus and malaria. In places where malaria is an issue, mosquito control measures are essential to prevent the spread of the disease to people and pets. You can get more information about Bee Removal Near Grand Rapids MI

Effective mosquito control relies on knowledge of the species of mosquitoes and the methods that best counter their destructive reproductive and behavioral functions. There are various methods for this, but one of the most efficient is the use of insecticides. Mosquito repellents are made from a blend of synthetic compounds and natural ingredients that serve as both a pesticide and selective insecticide. A metofluthrin solution is added to the paint, or mixed into the foliage of plants, and trees and shrubs. The compound’s chemical reaction with the water vapor causes it to be repellent to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoicides work by disrupting the adult mosquito’s nervous system. The insecticide prevents the mosquitoes from reproducing, while preventing them from laying eggs. Mosquitoicides are categorized according to how they affect the life cycle of the mosquito and are usually grouped under several groupings: pyrethroid pesticides are applied in a standing pool containing mosquitoes, where they can remain longer and reproduce more; ground-up and aerial apply are applied as bait or plugs around the perimeter of the area to be treated, where they hunt and feed on the mosquitoes feeding on them. Mosquitoicides can also be used to prevent adult mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Some of the best known pyrethroid insecticides are Stricter, Liquid Amino Acids, and Jojoba Oil. Products such as Stricter and Jojoba Oil have been proven to be very effective in eliminating mosquitoes and their larvae. A pyrethroid product can be sprayed directly on the targeted areas or placed on top of the soil and watered down. When using a mosquito control containing pyrethrins, the treatment should be reapplied every few weeks to prevent the mosquito eggs from hatching.

While it is important to use proper mosquito control methods, sometimes a simple mosquito surveillance technique will do the job. Some people try to create a mosquito mist around their home or garden, and sometimes when the plants or grass begin to die, they wonder if they have an infestation. This can be a great way to know for sure before calling an expert. However, if one has an established problem, it might be more reasonable to address in house mosquito control instead of calling in a professional.

As with most things in nature, prevention is always better than cure. With proper mosquito control one can prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs on your skin and in your garden and lawn. Proper treatment can help kill adult mosquitoes, prevent larvae from hatching, and generally make the area more pleasant for everyone. Remember, with proper timing and vigilance you can have your mosquito control in place and enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance and danger of suffering from bites. Remember to check out the resources below for more information on how to prevent adult and larvae from laying eggs.

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