New Gallery Reaches Full Capacity With Artist Enthusiasts


Gallery: Grove Square is a dynamic new London theatre venue offering an unprecedented opportunity for up-and-coming and established artists alike. Providing a platform for one-of-a-kind artistic experiences, this buzzing London theatre venue features a permanently changing line-up of artists. Featuring solo performances from some of the most exciting young contemporary artists, this venue also presents unique one-off musical productions. Combining a commitment to new and exciting talent with a focus on long-running musical theatre productions, Grove Square Galleries presents a unique live experience dedicated to bringing together a diverse range of artists. With a dedicated commitment to presenting quality contemporary art exhibitions, the programme is designed to showcase the full range of talent available in the London area.

Artists interested in showcasing their work will find an advisory service that offers information regarding booking, selling and marketing their talent to the highest possible level. As one of London’s most prestigious and popular contemporary art galleries, Grove Square Galleries works with artists from all over the world. The highly successful venue has an array of programme options, featuring solo and group performances, as well as one-off and group shows. In addition to regularly visiting art events, the Gallery offers its patrons the chance to purchase prints, catalogue and perform a number of unique artistic experiences. You can get more information about Grove Square Galleries.

An extensive series of solo exhibitions are regularly featured at the Gallery, ranging from solo performances by renowned artists such as Christopher Kieling, Anne Callwood and Joanna van den Acker to smaller-scale exhibitions featuring commissioned works and one-off installations. The increasing popularity of the Gallery means there is always something going on in this vibrant and multicultural neighbourhood of south-west London. With a reputation for showcasing the very best in contemporary art, this suburb provides a great base for contemporary artists looking to promote their work. Attractions such as the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Camden Town are also just a short tube ride away, making it easier than ever for people living in Grove Square to explore and discover the hidden gems of London’s arts scene.

The Gallery is committed to supporting emerging and talented contemporary artists while promoting long-running and longstanding talent. To take advantage of the Gallery’s facilities, and to ensure you always have something happening onsite, we recommend joining up. You’ll get discounts on everything the Gallery sells, and you can save time shopping in an efficiently-maintained and fully-stocked retail space, and so much more. In addition to our regular gallery shows, we occasionally host artist-led exhibitions and studio visits, bringing together established collectors and up-and-coming artists. These events feature exciting projects, solo performances and one-off exhibitions, all of which help to increase membership levels and bring in new talent to the Gallery.

With a combined collection of nearly 150 permanent and temporary exhibitions spanning over three venues, the Gallery presents an eclectic range of guest speakers each month. Speakers include renowned former politicians, actors, business leaders and renowned writers, musicians and artists. A majority of our speakers are invited as invited speakers only, and some are invitees or selected as keynote speakers. Our featured guest speaker this month is Karen Gaffney, an Australian designer, whose work frequently revolves around issues of environmentalism and the promotion of female creativity. She has received numerous awards for her work.

This month’s featured artist is Chris Jehn. A full gallery talk show, this talk event at Grove Square Galleries features artists from all around the world. In partnership with Brisbane City Council, the Gallery is presenting this unique free event as part of its ‘Art on the Street’ initiative. The event will run from Thursday, 3rd November to Sunday, 4th November.

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