Roses and Glass Dome Decor – Three Fabulous Ideas For Use in Decorating Your Daughter’s Or niece’s Bedroom


Beautiful and unique design with a genuine rose bouquet in a glass bowl and LED lights with an ornamental silk bow on a rose shaped glass dome can certainly add an attractive decorative accent to your home. LED lamp: The Red Enchanted rose features a high quality flexible and waterproof long LED light ball, which are able to create any pattern you prefer. The roses are supplied in two different sizes; the standard rose-sized and the mini rose-sized. When illuminated from below, the lights will dance and flutter like real flowers.

To light up the mini rose, you will need the base, a bulb and three AA batteries. Once attached, the light will illuminate the whole glass dome and produce a soft light. The bulbs are brightly colored so that you can see the patterns readily. In order to provide a more relaxing effect, the enchanting rose can be dimmed using the touch of your fingertips. The LED lamps have a long life and are highly efficient, using only about 0.35 volts of energy. These auctions, via sites such as are also available online.

An ideal choice for decorating all rooms of the house, this charming rose and glass dome combination can give an attractive and decorative look in any area of your house. This elegant ornament can transform the look of any room from a formal-looking bedroom, to a cozy family room, living room or a lounge. Decorating with this wonderful accent, will definitely add elegance to your home.

This stunning piece of art is also available in an elegant gift box that can make a great item of wedding decor. A lovely round glass base with two long, dangling light bulbs, it looks great as a centerpiece in a reception room. You can choose to hang this beauty of a rose on an arbor with twinkling lights or hang it in your guest’s living room. When decorating a formal living room, an elegant rose and glass dome combination make a spectacular statement. This wonderful gift box can be used as a bookend holder or to hold candles and chocolates.

If you want to decorate a little princess’ room, why not use this beautiful flower and its unique charm? Add this beautiful accent in a pink gingham basket, which is sure to make your little girl smile. The fluted shape of the rose buds adds a touch of femininity to the basket, and the pink shades of the color match perfectly with the pink gingham bedspread and organza sheets. This unique gift box and bedspread combination are perfect for your bridesmaids and women chic accent pieces.

Finally, if you want to add elegance and class to a guest bedroom, why not use this stunning flower in your rustic wrought iron candle holder? You can choose to either display the candle in the holder itself or add beautiful metal rose petals to the bottom of the candle. The rustic style of this item will surely be appreciated by your guest. These three objects are great ideas to use in decorating your daughter’s or niece’s bedroom or even your own! With so many options available, there is really no limit to what you can do. So start curling up now and go find yourself some gorgeous rose and glass domes to bring beauty and peace to your home.

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