The Benefits of Professional Watch Repairs and Servicing


If you have a watch, you are probably pretty passionate about it whether you like wearing it on your arm or around your wrist. It may be because of the memories you have of wearing it as a child or just because you love the way it looks or the function. Regardless, of why you love your watch or how it looks there are some simple things that you should know about watches and watch repairs that will help to keep your precious timepiece in excellent condition. Simple repairs, battery changes and simple cleaning can all be done quite easily at your local watch shops quite inexpensively. Even if you rarely wear your watch or otherwise infrequently, like a bicycle, a watch requires regular servicing even if you never wear it.

In order for watches to work properly they need to be kept in excellent working order. Watch movements consist of parts that push parts in order to move the movement within the watch. When watch movements stop functioning due to anything other than proper maintenance, like water exposure, internal forces may cause the movement to stop entirely. As a result of this watch repairs and watch servicing are important to keeping your watch functioning properly.

The first step in watch repair or watch servicing is to take your time and do some research so that you find the right place to repair or service your watch. There are many watch repair shops, specialty stores, and online websites that sell a variety of different types of watches and timepieces. Do some research to find a quality shop or service center that sells watches of different brands and features that you are looking for. Quality watch repair and service centers will offer a wide selection of products that can be used for watches of all brands.

Basic movements like those found with quartz watches are easy to repair. A basic quartz watch will have a battery, which must be replaced occasionally, as well as a self-winding mechanical movement. Simple repairs to these types of watches include replacing the battery and possibly the crown if it gets damaged. If the movement does not self-wind, simple adjustments will be enough to get your watch back into action. Most jewelers sell simple quartz watches that require no additional services.

Professional timepieces with power reserves are harder to repair, but can be done successfully without taking the time to learn about watches. If a power reserve mechanism on your watch needs to be changed out, simply take the time to find a jeweler that offers power reserve services and bring your watch in for a quick replacement. You should also be able to find a reputable jeweler that sells power reserve devices. Many power reserve mechanisms will come with a battery that must be replaced periodically, usually by the same jeweler that repairing your watch. Taking care of your power reserve timepiece can save you a lot of money over the life of your timepiece. Self-winding movements and complicated battery-operated devices sometimes need more than just a simple replacement or repair.

Even mechanical watches with quartz movements can benefit from some preventive maintenance and basic repairs. Most Rolex watches will be subjected to an annual quartz lubrication to increase their smoothness and extend their service lives. Some people will opt to do this job themselves, but most people prefer to have a professional perform this service. A little bit of cleaning and lubrication is often all that it takes to keep your timepiece in top running order. Many people with a wealth of knowledge about watches choose to give basic quartz maintenance to their beloved Rolex watches.

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