Tips For Getting Your iPhone Working Again


If you’re wondering what to do after your iPhone has fallen into the water, then here are some tips for iphone water damage removal that may come in handy. Firstly, do not panic. There is a pretty high chance that your iPhone is not completely destroyed. It will just be slightly damaged but if you take immediate action your iPhone will still be functional enough for you to send it back to the manufacturer. There are certain steps that you need to follow to ensure that your iPhone is fully operational in the shortest time possible.

The first thing that you have to do is shut down your iPhone using the Sleep/Wake button and then immediately connect it to the computer with a USB cable. Make sure that all the buttons are working and you are able to see the screen. It may take some time to get your iPhone into full mode. After it’s been put into full mode you should not connect the phone to the computer again until you have completely shut it down.

Next, remove the battery from your iPhone. You may need a long screwdriver or a knife to accomplish this task. If your phone is equipped with a display then all you will need is a flathead screwdriver. Once the battery is removed just press and hold the home button on your iPhone.

Now, turn off the water supply to your iPhone. It may take a few seconds but you want to make sure that all the water is out of the phone. Do not attempt to open the phone while it’s raining. Wait until it’s dry. Then take the SIM out and put it back in your pocket. Click here for more information about Black Canyon City Bee removal.

After the water has been cleaned out of your iPhone you can proceed to remove all of the water residues that are left. Using a wet paper towel, gently wipe away any residue that is left. It may take a few passes of this process but it is very important that all of the water is removed. If there are any pockets of water remaining on the iPhone then these will need to be dried out. A hair dryer or towel set on low is a great tool to utilize.

When all of the water has been removed, take your iPhone out of the water. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then you can put your SIM back in. You should now be able to connect your iPhone again. If not, then you can either take it to an authorized iPhone service center or try to seek out another iPhone.

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