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A turntable is a must have for any music enthusiast. The advantages of owning one are endless. Not only will it increase the enjoyment of listening to your favorite records but also it will increase the safety of your records by eliminating the fear of losing them. When you own a record player, you will no longer have to worry about misplaced, damaged or scratched records.

portable record player battery powered come in two basic types, analog or digital. If you are more familiar with stereos then the difference between the two may not be that clear. The analog player utilizes a solid-state cartridge that plays records through vinyl. They come in two varieties, direct drive and slave drive. Although they look similar, a slave drive turntable has a built in motor that spins the vinyl while a direct drive turntable works without a motor. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of player, so your selection of which one to buy really depends on your level of experience with playing records and what your budget is.

You can purchase record players in a variety of different styles such as compact, hi fi or shuffle. You should choose the style that matches your listening habits. For casual listening, a small and slim model that has minimal controls is a good option. If you are more interested in high-volume audio, then you will want a larger and more impressive device.

Many audiophiles prefer using an external speaker for their record player. This is because the external speakers produce superior sound quality. For those who enjoy listening to rap or rock music, the added clarity from using external speakers is essential. When comparing a record player with an external speaker, it is important to consider how much you plan on listening to the music.

For those people who prefer to listen to music while jogging or exercising, there are models of turntable that come with built in jog wheels. These models have the ability to change speeds without using the touch-tone buttons. A popular model of the turntable is the electrohome Winston. This record player is extremely popular among casual listening fans. The audio technica mono box is very small and comes in three colors, black, red and silver.

If you want your unit to perform automatic functions, you will definitely want to invest in a good sound mixing unit. Auto control record players with built in processors are ideal for this function. If you still want to be able to manually control the speed of the inner mechanism of the turntable, some manufacturers provide a manual mode. Regardless of your personal preferences, there is a model of a turntable that is right for you.

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