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Ancient Lindos was the most important town on the island, and has been inhabited for 5,000 years. The Acropolis is home to the ruins of a Byzantine fort and a Greek temple from centuries before. You can also glimpse the Bay of St Paul from the very top of the Acropolis.

Rome2rio’s Travel Guide series provide vital information for the global traveller. There are some places in Europe that leave you truly speechless because of their historical significance. It’s safe to say that the Lindos Acropolis is one of these spots! And the castle walls were built by the legendary Knights of St. John. Leads the flow of visitors into the village where you can get lost easily in the maze of streets leading to the acropolis .

The imposing acropolis is a most impressive archaeological site, whether seen from the land or the sea. But it is just one of the amazing things you need to see when you visit lindos altstadt. To avoid the tourist-trap eateries, we ask the locals where they eat, and head to Locanda on their advice. Here, we enjoy excellent local wine and crusty bread dipped in vibrant green olive oil. If imam baildi is one of the day’s specials, you should definitely order it.

There was a large round tower on the east facing the sea and two more, one round and the other on a corner, on the northeast side of the enceinte. Today one of the towers at the southwest corner and one to the west survive. One of the many narrow streets of Lindos, a small fishing village very popular with tourists. If you are a new to lindos Visit this link

Then sleep it off with a siesta in the sun as you bob gently back to port. Your next stop in the afternoon is at the Acropolis of Rhodes, one of the few acropoleis without fortifications. Stroll around the site’s Hellenistic monuments, admiring the ruins of a stadium, the Temple of Apollo and more. Continue with a drive along the old city walls to Porte d’Amboise, and then stretch your legs on a walking tour around the Old Town.

Full of sleepy villages, pine-clad mountains and age-old ruins, western Rhodes has a rugged beauty all of its own. Wander along shaded wooden walkways and listen to pristine pools of trickling water as you observe the colourful insects all around – stay still and one may even land on you.Next, you’ll travel back in time at ancient Kamiros. The well-preserved streets and remains of the agora and acropolis will give you a sense of how the residents went about their daily lives in the 5th century BC. You’ll also have free time for lunch in Embona – the highest village in Rhodes – visit the mountain-side settlement of Siana and stop for coffee in Gennadi.

It’s quiet, and you can hear any vehicle coming down the alley for a good way off. The children play in safety, chatting and peeling oranges against a solitary whitewashed tree that pops out where the alleyways converge, their schoolbags resting against the trunk. It makes me feel that, grumpy choir teachers aside, Lindos must be a truly magical place to grow up. Half a dozen Greek schoolchildren sit fidgeting outside the church as a choir teacher makes them recite a song for the upcoming independence day celebrations on March 25. Visitors can admire the well-preserved 17th century house of Captain Lambros Regas which has a very detailed painted ceiling and Lindian-style raised penga bed. The house is laid out like the interior of a ship, with a modified ship’s wheel serving as the light feature overhead.

Beaches, spectacular views, and sunsets, with many water activities as well as significant archaeological sites to discover. It has a large number of tavernas and bars and quality accommodation. I put on my walking shoes and head out to explore the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site as of 1988. The architecture here is closer in style to Cycladic than Dodecanese, which lends a unique charm.

A little away from town towards the south, Saint Paul’s Beach lies on the aptly named Saint Paul’s Bay. Perhaps the quietest of all the beaches of Lindos, this isolated and rocky cove is great for intrepid snorkellers, intent on exploring the area’s marine life. Make sure to also investigate the Chapel of Saint George Pachymachiotis, a more modest affair that was built a little later into the 14thCentury, around the time the Knights of St John came to the island. Coming to Lindos they immediately saw the value in the crumbling fortifications of the town’s acropolis and set about turning it into a medieval fortress.

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