The Lifespan of a Turtle


There have been reports that How long does a turtle live. They say that some of them can live over a hundred years. According to the researches, some turtles can live for more than a century and even human life expectancy with proper care. However, the lifespan of a turtle can vary depending on the species, habitat, temperature, food and water quality, and other factors. Every eighth turtle in the wild unfortunately is severely endangered and eventually loses its life because of human interference near the ocean. However, this is a very controversial topic and still highly debated by many people.

How old should a turtle be in order for one to decide how old it is? It all depends. If the turtle is caught and sold while still alive, the question of age is irrelevant. If the turtle is found dead in the wild after a long illness, then it is the determination of how old it is will determine how much effort should be made in finding the right turtle.

The lifespan of turtles needs proper conditions in the wild as well as in a captive environment. If the turtle is not able to adapt to its new home and environment, then it will become difficult to find it again, especially if it has been long forgotten. A captive turtle needs a habitat and tank that can mimic the natural habitat of the turtle. It should also have a food and water filter to help it maintain a healthy balance. Also, a shallow water filter is essential.

For a reptile, the lifespan of about twenty years is an average. The key to determining the age of a turtle is finding out the pet turtle’s size, weight, and age when fully grown. An adult reptile will display some common signs of aging such as a loss of appetite, sluggishness, and a reduction of activity.

Many people believe that buying from pet stores is the best option for caring for wild turtles. In fact, pet stores are rarely able to provide the ideal conditions needed by wild turtles. Pet stores can only provide fresh water that must constantly be replaced. They cannot provide warmth needed during cold months and they are unable to provide shelter against predators. These necessities are the responsibility of the owner.

When purchasing a turtle from a pet store, the most important aspect of buying one from a pet store is its age and the reason for buying it. You should ask what it was fed previously and what kind of enclosure it was kept in. You should also ask whether the owner has turtles for sale at his or her facility and if so, what types of turtles are being offered. With this information, you can be assured that the turtle was cared for and is likely to survive for many years. On the other hand, a wild turtle obtained from a breeder will be very different, since it has not been taken care of and may even die before your eyes.

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