Top 3 Best Free Offline Games For Smart Phones


Free Offline Games has become quite a craze in the past few years. They have been one of the most appreciated mediums for wasting time and idle moment. Most such gaming portals are available free of cost and have a huge selection of genres to choose from. The story behind them is nothing but pure fun and entertainment. Most Free Offline Games is flash based and hence share a common set of features with other online games.

It is a great idea to look for the best offline games as they tend to keep you busy for quite some time. They do not end abruptly either and hence you do not feel bored. They are very short and consist of very few levels. They may take some few hours to complete one level and hence can be considered as an ideal form of leisure activity. They are very convenient as they don’t involve downloading or uploading anything and hence can be played directly from your Android device.

The best free offline games can be played directly from your android device, provided you are connected to the internet. The best part about them is that they are highly interactive and therefore make you enjoy playing them even more. A few popular examples of such genre are the Temple of Elemental Evil and Might & Magic. Both these apps share some common features including the long gameplay and the amazing artwork.

Temple of Elemental Evil is an excellent example of such genre. The storyline is fantastic and has excellent originality, but is also well crafted by its developers. The free version of this game has a small file size, but that should not matter since you will get plenty of content. It has plenty of puzzles to be solved and enemyasions to be fought against as well. Visit to understand what chances you have.

Another great game that is highly recommended for the free players is Might and Magic. This is a turn-based action RPG game. It shares some common elements with Temple of Elemental Evil, such as an interesting plot, amazing graphics, challenging gameplay, but also has its own set of unique features, including an awesome character creator. The game file size is relatively small, and you should not encounter any problems downloading it on your phone. The game has several different settings, allowing you to play in battle and exploration at the same time.

The third game in the list is a new entry called Megadroid. This robot was developed to take on the role of an expert advisor. Its artificial intelligence system allows it to predict the strategies of several human players, and so can be used to defeat them in battle. Due to its impressive artificial intelligence ability, Megadroid is able to survive up to 6 months of skirmishes and come out ahead. This is one of the best known RPGs for mobile devices, and it comes with an easy to use interface and a small file size, allowing it to run perfectly on your device.

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