Transport to Surat Thani


If you are planning a vacation to Thailand, you might be wondering about the transport to Surat Thani. Fortunately, there are several methods of transportation to Surat Thani. Take note of some tips to get to Surat Thani by train. Trains can take up to eight hours to travel from Bangkok to Surat Thani, depending on the train’s schedule. However, you can make sure you choose a comfortable and safe vehicle for the trip.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can either take a taxi or a public minivan. Both modes will cost about the same, but buses will make more stops and offer more comfort. A taxi is also a good option, especially if you’re traveling alone. A private minivan can accommodate nine passengers for a fixed cost of 1,100 THB. If you’re traveling with family, you may want to consider a bus that has reclining seats.

Make sure you know what your needs are before deciding which mode of ส่งของไปภาคใต้ will be best for you. Different bus companies allow different items, so make sure to read the policies and amenities of each bus company before choosing your transportation. Some buses even offer WiFi and free luggage storage. If you’re in a hurry, you can also opt for a shared van. Most tourists book shared vans online. The cost of a bus trip to Surat Thani can be as low as $3.

If you want to travel by bus, you’ll find several ways to reach the town center. The most common option is to take a train. While it’s a long journey, it is also one of the cheapest ways to reach the town center. Depending on your destination, you may even want to choose a minibus that makes several stops. Once you’ve reached the center of town, you can hop on your own or use a shared minivan.

A taxi is an excellent option for getting to Surat Thani from Phuket. A cab from Phuket to Surat Thani will cost about 246 dollars and will take you three and a half hours. This option will cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’s also more expensive. Fortunately, many buses go from Phuket to Surat Thani. The best thing is that they’re also reliable.

If you’d like to save money, the cheapest way to get to Surat Thani from Chiang Mai is by plane or train. Direct flights from Chiang Mai cost around $45 per person, and many will even stop in Bangkok before arriving in Surat Thani. A direct flight from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani can take about two hours, and a layover in Bangkok is usually around five hours.

When traveling from Bangkok to Suratthani by train, you can choose to travel overnight to save money. Most trains depart from the same Bangkok train station, so arriving at least 30 minutes early can help you find the right platform. Thai trains are well-equipped with air conditioning and onboard restrooms, but there aren’t any food kiosks onboard. It’s worth it to spend a few extra days in Surat Thani, as it’s a pleasant place to stay and explore.

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