What Is the Recruitment Process in Nigeria?


The Recruitment process in Nigeria is viewed as one of the most cumbersome processes in the world. For a variety of reasons recruitment process in Nigeria proves to be extremely problematic and most of the times it takes much time before the candidates are finally selected. Recruitment process in Nigeria too can be described as a long drawn process by many. It has often been seen that the recruiters have to follow a complex pattern and this is what makes it very difficult for the candidate.

At present there are various recruitment firms that are operating in airforce shortlisted names. The recruitment process in Nigeria too needs to follow certain guidelines. One of the guidelines is that a candidate should be able to convince the recruiter about the quality and the quantity of work required. This requires a lot of time and there are chances that the candidate might not be able to convince the recruiter completely.

In spite of this there are several recruitment firms that provide recruitment services in Nigeria. A number of recruitment firms are located in Nigeria itself and some of them are even based from other African countries like South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. So there is nothing wrong in outsourcing your recruitment process to these recruitment firms. These recruitment firms have qualified and trained personnel who are expert in handling recruitment related matters.

When looking for a job in Nigeria, there are certain steps that an employer will have to follow. The first step that a candidate will have to take is to find out about the job opportunities available in Nigeria. Then the candidate has to collect all the relevant documents pertaining to the education, experience and the skills required for the job. Once all the details regarding the job and the education are gathered, the person has to collect the relevant visa and passport details.

The recruitment process in Nigeria also requires the employer to conduct a comprehensive interview process. The process involves checking the candidates’ suitability and skills for the job. After the interview the recruitment process takes a while to finalize and then the candidate gets an opportunity to present his resume to the potential employer.

Recruitment process in Nigeria has made it easier for many foreign workforce to migrate and work in this country. The salary rate offered by the companies is also competitive. So all those people currently working in Nigeria can look forward to a bright future because the employment outlook in Nigeria is positive.

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